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How to be a good Co-Worker

Co-working spaces have been growing in popularity in recent years, as more and more individuals are making the jump towards entrepreneurship. They offer a cheaper option than leasing a lofty office space, and a network of energizing, like-minded freelance professionals and small business owners to collaborate with. 

In the midst of the excitement, it’s important to take a moment to brush up on your co-working etiquette to keep the peace in your shared environment. Here’s some tips to avoid stepping on any toes while navigating and making the most out of your new community at SoCoWork.

Say hello

Don’t be a lone wolf. Part of the many reasons to join a co-working space is for the company of like-minded individuals. You’ll likely be spending vast amounts of time with your co-workers, so put your best foot forward, introduce yourself and get to know everyone. You never know what could lead to a new collaboration, and, honestly, it’s just polite. 

Don’t push the sale 

It’s likely that you will find opportunities to team up with your co-workers, however, no one likes a pushy salesman constantly trying to close a deal. It never hurts to offer your services, but don’t over do it. If a co-worker needs your help, they’ll come to you.

Keep the volume down

A little background noise is to be expected for a co-working space, but always be conscious of keeping it to a minimum. Take phone calls to a secluded space, or better yet, step outside for a breath of fresh air on the patio. Invest in a good pair of headphones to listen to music and do take advantage of one of the meeting rooms fully equipped with smart TVs for client meetings and Zoom calls. 

Be courteous

Co-working spaces certainly come with their perks – a fully accessible kitchen, conference rooms at your disposal and modern work spaces. It’s easy to make yourself right at home, but remember that this home away from home is shared with other members. Keep your areas clean and tidy, and always remember to leave things as you found them. If you appreciate a clean workspace, chances are, your co-workers would too.

It’s mostly common sense based off of that golden rule we all learned in kindergarten, but its easy to let good habits slip when you’re on the up and up. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be on the right path at SoCoWork.

Do you have any questions about co-working etiquette? Stop by the Front Desk and we can help you out!


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