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How to make the most out of your co-working space – Networking

If you show up to your co-working space everyday with headphones in and a ready-to-work attitude – you’re just scraping the bare minimum of the potential you could be reaching.

Co-working spaces are all about the supportive community and the chance to network with like-minded creatives. It’s not always easy getting started, but networking is absolutely essential to getting your business off the ground.

Keep reading for five essential tips to help you network like a pro.

1. Don’t be shy

Take time to get to know your fellow co-workers and make every intention to introduce yourself to new members. Being the new guy is never easy, make them feel right at home while letting them know what you do. Chances are, you will all be spending vast amounts of time together, so take a genuine interest in one another, you never know where your connections will take you.

2. Attend co-working community events and host your own

One of the perks to a co-working space are the infinite chances to learn. Attend your co-workers’ workshops, getting to know their businesses more in-depth, and host your own. Aside from the networking opportunity, attending another co-worker’s event might bring to mind services you never knew you needed for your own business. On the flip side, hosting your own event also gives you the chance to passionately discuss your business without coming across as a bragging salesman.

3. Use the community spaces

The community spaces aren’t just for show, use these areas to enjoy your breaks and meals to get the most out of your networking possibilities. Strike up a conversation about your latest project while eating lunch in the fully equipped kitchen and show an interest in the work of others.

4. Leave your mark

Leaving your promotional pens, post-its or even just a stack of your business cards around the common areas of the facility is just the subliminal nudge your co-workers and their visitors need to keep you and your services in mind. Make sure to leave a card or two on the bulletin board next to the copy machine!

5. Stay social online

Thanks to the internet, you can stay connected to your co-working community even when you’re not at the office. Add your co-workers to your network on LinkedIn, giving them access to your established connections, and gaining access to theirs. Promote each other to your circles and watch your businesses grow. And don't forget to utilize the Member page to network.

Taking these steps will not only help you get the most out of your co-working community, it will make heading in to the office much more enjoyable.


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