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What is a co-working space?

You love your life at home, but sometimes home and work just do not mesh. The diversions are boundless and it can become easy to fall into an insufferable rut. Likewise, your favorite coffee shop is full of distractions, traditional offices are an expensive commitment, and yet, something has to change.

Enter the rise of co-working, a popular choice for startups and freelancers due to their low overhead costs and risk-free commitments. However, it’s also becoming a tactful option for the increasing amount of Americans that have made the switch to working remotely due to the pandemic.

Co-working spaces provide unique alternatives to traditional office spaces, meeting the needs of burgeoning professionals while creating a unique, innovative environment to thrive in. Operating on a membership basis, individuals can choose their affordable plan based on their desired frequency of access to the facility and the level of amenities they wish to utilize, however, it’s the community that you’re really buying into.  

Fully equipped kitchens and conference rooms are a couple of perks found in the facilities, however, a shared, open-concept plan encourages a supportive community of like-minded professionals to share ideas, network and promote a productive energy. 

Gain insightful advice from your peers and find yourself swept up in the creative juices; become motivated to power forward and even come across a new collaboration along the way.  There’s more to co-working spaces than just a desk and coffee – the support you need to achieve your next big breakthrough is around the corner.

Want to see if the co-working space works for you? Come try it out today:


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